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When You Publish a Best-Selling Book
Get published in as little as 90 days, with only 5 - 10 hours from you,
and you don't even have to write a single word
  • Visibility - increase your presence both online and offline
  • Authority - become the recognized authority in your marketplace
  • Legacy - pass your unique knowledge and experience on to the world, forever
  • Ideal Clients - attract clients who already know, like, and trust you
FREE! Book Publishing Plan

Click on the button below, and we'll show you how to get a customized, detailed book publishing plan, including preparing your Table of Contents.


Strategic Marketing Plan

We will work with you and your marketing team to craft a plan that maximizes the impact your book can have on your business.

Content Creation & Editing

We minimize the work you have to do to create content, usually by recording a series of interviews with you. We take it from there, including copy editing and proofreading.

Book & Cover Design

Contrary to the popular expression, readers do in fact judge a book by its cover. We will design front and back cover, as well as the interior of the book for both printed and electronic versions.

Best-Seller Campaign

We will create and manage a campaign that will drive your book to become a best-seller in its category. 

Personal Service

I will personally manage the creation of your book with you, and will closely manage the artists and editors we use to help create your book. 

You Own Everything

Unlike traditional publishing deals, you own all rights, royalties, and files to your book. You can leverage the content in all your other marketing efforts, including blog postings, articles, podcasts, videos, and more.
Client Experiences
The Only Marketing I Do
Marketer Ken Matejka found that his best-selling book is the only marketing he needs to do.
$1,000,000+ Deal
Roger Sramek's best-selling book resulted in a venture deal in less than a year from its publication
Shorter Sales Cycle
Paul Svec's best-selling book resulted in faster sales cycles and well-educated (and happy) clients
Increased Visibility
Attorney Christopher Hanson's videos based on his best-selling book attracted 20,000+ views in less than a year
You want to write a book, but haven't gotten it done yet. Let us help you get it completed and published in as little as 90 days! 
Mark C. Leonard
How It Works
I am passionate about helping attorneys, financial advisers, consultants, and small business owners like you get your  book written, published, and on a best-seller list in as little as 90 days with only 5-10 hours of work on your part, even if you haven’t written a single word, and even if you hate to write! My ideal client is a professional who already has a successful business or practice, and wants to take it to the next level.

If you are like many professionals, you’ve had a burning desire to publish a book, but you just haven’t been able to get it done. I can help you do it faster and with less effort than you ever thought possible.  
The most important step in getting your book published is to be crystal clear about how your book can help you with your business by targeting the perfect reader. I am happy to help you design a custom book publishing plan that will help you achieve your business goals. This plan, based on researching your business and an in-depth interview with you, will include your draft Table of Contents. This way, you’ll be able to create the content and publish your book in record time. There is no cost or obligation of any kind for me to create this plan for you. If you choose to move ahead with your book publishing on your own, I will wish you the best.
Why offer to create a FREE Custom Book Publishing Plan? I offer to create this plan for you at no cost because I’m a book producer who helps professionals like you get their book published with minimum effort on your part. So if you find this plan valuable, you may want me to help you produce your book.

With that said, please understand that I’m not offering a sales pitch in disguise. I promise not to pressure you in any way. In fact, if you feel like I’ve wasted even one second of your time, let me know, and I’ll immediately write you a check for $250.00.
But before you go any further, you need to know that I can’t help everybody. I can only be of benefit to a limited number of professionals who are actively committed to marketing their business and want to get a competitive edge - fast. And because I am personally involved at every stage of your book production, I can only take a small number of clients. My minimum fee to produce a “done-for-you” best selling book of approximately 140 pages is $17,500.

So here’s what you do next. When you click on the button below, I'll give you access to our private website, where you’ll be able learn more about our book publishing process. When you are ready to get your free Book Plan, I'll give you access to my calendar where you can select a time that is right for you, then fill out the form with a number of questions about your business and what your marketing goals are. Once I have that information, I’ll do some research and we’ll have a conference call where we will create your book publishing plan together.
Producing Your Best-Seller Book
Step 1: Plan - Define purpose and expectations, draft Table of Contents
Step 2: Create - Generate content from recorded interviews or existing content or both
Step 3: Edit - Professional editing and proofreading
Step 4: Structure - Create Table of Contents, copyright notices, bio, foreword, blurbs, dedications, ISBN, etc.
Step 5: Design - Create both e-book and printed book formats
Step 6: Publish - both e-book and paperback
Step 7: Promote - Best-seller promotion
  • Up to 24,000 words (Note: this will create a book of about 140 pages in a 6" x 9" format.)
  • Additional content: $.50 per word
  • Illustrations, tables, graphics: additional charge
  • Subject matter research, glossary, index:  additional charge
  • Hard-bound book sourcing and formatting: additional charge
  • Audible book creation: additional charge

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